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This Wednesday on Arrow (The CW, 8/7c), Diggle’s vendetta against Deadshot leads him to Russia, with Oliver and Felicity providing backup. Thing is, Isabel Rochev isn’t about to let her partner at Queen Consolidated jet off on a “business trip” without her involvement. Three’s company, four’s a crowd? Summer Glau shared with TVLine Isabel’s suspicions about Oliver and Felicity, and how breaking away from the boardroom might lead two parties into the bedroom.

TVLINE | Isabel thus far has been pretty refined, rather buttoned up. Maybe we’ll see a change in her this week?
There’s definitely going to be some new dimensions to Isabel, for sure. [Laughs] It’s going to be fun.

TVLINE | Why do she and Oliver lock horns this time around?
She’s been trying to assert her place in the company, and he’s gone and scheduled this supposed business trip to Russia – but she absolutely cannot let him go without her. So they get to Russia and since they’re not in the office, there’s more opportunity for them to get to know each others’ personality. Maybe things get revealed that otherwise would never have a chance to surface?

TVLINE | Does Isabel wonder why Oliver’s “driver” is part of this trip to Russia?
She wonders about Diggle, and she also wonders about Felicity. [Isabel] is in a power struggle with Oliver and she sees that Felicity is always at his side, always covering for him, she has his ear, she has his back… I think [Isabel] is trying to wedge her way in between their relationship – and she gets a chance to do that in this episode.

TVLINE | What, does she suspect they have more than a professional relationship going on…?

She’s going to turn up the heat on those two. She knows that there’s something going on…. I don’t want to give too much away about future episodes, but she’s going to keep pushing. She wants to be in control.

TVLINE | Does Isabel start to suspect that Oliver is involved in more than… well, whatever it is that Queen Consolidated does?
I like to think that she was already onto him. I think Isabel knows that he’s no dummy, he’s no party boy, that there’s something else going on. She’s starting to suspect him more and more, and respect him more and more. She sees that he’s more than meets the eye.

TVLINE | Did you get a chance to bust out some Russian?
I did! Not as much as Stephen [Amell], but yes, I do speak a little Russian. But I think he’s better at it than me – which is hard for me to admit!

TVLINE | In a pinch, does Isabel have any self-defense skills?
Oh, absolutely. If nothing else, the stilettos she wears are definitely a deadly weapon. Mmm-hmm….

TVLINE | The promo that’s out there would suggest that in addition to coming to appreciate Oliver’s boardroom skills, this is the week Isabel becomes privy to his bedroom skills….
[Laughs] Well, a lady doesn’t talk about such things, and Isabel is a lady, soooo… I’m going to keep that a secret. But Oliver does have a way with the ladies. I’m sure there will be complications.

TVLINE | In the promo, I can’t tell if Isabel’s look is come hither or “Catch you later.”
Maybe a little bit of both….

TVLINE | How many episodes do we have you for?
I was originally asked to do three, and now I’ve done… five? So it’s open. I love the cast and I think the show is beautifully done, so I’m game.

TVLINE | I was saying just the other day that the stunt work — and you probably can appreciate this, from your Terminator days — is pretty fantastic for a weekly series.
Yes! The very first time I watched the show, I turned to my sister and said, “They do amazing stunt work on this show.” It looks so good. Plus, there’s great storytelling, and the show is funny, too. So, yeah, I’m having a great time.


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